Lotus Cortina

Price: 43000 EUR
Country: United States
Production date: 1967


BA74 FM59831 Chassis no. 436 LHD 658 Registered with the Lotus Cortina Registry since the 80’s This LoCort is truly Street/Race legal, she drives as if fuel injected, smooth as silk from idle to 8000 + rpm, very easy to drive on or off the track, with a very flat torque curve 190hp Omnitech stage 4 all steel motor. The chassis is perfectly tuned and developed after several years of racing and tuning. Restored ground up in the early 90’s with originality in mind, her rare original Lotus parts, tags and body parts have been carried into her present form and is offered for far less than it would cost to build an original Lotus Cortina with this much attention to detail in today’s market. A DVD of her competing in Seattle is offered for the asking. Spec’s Engine; Omnitech stage 4 all steel 190hp 1594cc Dyno sheet blueprinted TwinCam, www.omnitech-engineering.com TwinCam stroke, flat torque motor, non-peaky, fresh and ready, Original block, crank, rods, pistons, and restored head available in spares. Manual Accusump with Omnitech direct feed oil system. Three-row extra capacity radiator with electric thermostatically controlled fan. Clutch; 9 lb. all steel flywheel with Tilton rally race clutch fresh and ready Annular clutch slave Gear Box; Quaife kitted dog engagement Custom heavy duty shifter Reverse lockout gate Original g-box available as spare Driveline; Original maintained, and with high torque universal joints. Quaife ½ shafts Differential; 3.9 race prepared with Quaife LSD Interior and Body; Restored to original spec. with rust-free and metal anti-rust treated bodywork, the interior is all original Lotus minus steering wheel, seats, heater core, and carpet, but available as spares. Original plate and matching body tag and street use registration. Everything fused on custom panel, turn signals, lights, etc. work. Chassis; Developed and tuned, original front struts with high rate springs, rear springs original and tuned, specs proprietary, 1-inch front bar, front chassis tuned, specs proprietary. Brakes; Dual 1967 Cortina Mk 2 master cylinder, p-16 front calipers with Hawk HT10 pads, rear original drums with matched green linings, brake bias race tuned. Original calipers available in spares. Original emergency brake Safety 6 point SCCA inspected roll cage Full Halon system Custom aircraft aluminum/rubber battered foam fuel cell, custom aircraft fuel sending to original gauge, the cell is tapered to avoid ground scuffing on de-trailer. Current 5 point belts Window net Electrical cut off’s All plugs safely wired The following large cache of spares including rare original parts available for the highest offer above 60k. Spares; Two sets of steel wheels and tires one race one original street One set of Panasport wheels and race tires Original Gearbox Original Weber head, stage 3 ported and flowed, FIA correct valves, 440/250dur cams, rebuilt and ready Original Lotus block, crank, rods & pistons 4.44 race prepared diff with Quaife LSD Spare race prepared ½ shafts Spare hubs and drums, and original calipers Spare pads and shoes Original bumpers, and set of corner bumpers Original seats Original carpet Original heater Original glass


Name: John
Nickname: j_omnitech
Country: United States
Phone: 360-671-1472

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