Pontiac Fiero GT 350 V8

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Country: United States
Production date: 1986
Weight: 2600 kg
Wheel side: Left
Transmission: 4 speed manual
Shock absorbers: McPherson Struts
Power: 300
Class: road car

The Fiero GT 350-V8 is selling for $11,995.00 I am entertaining serious offers from individuals that have monied interests. Sorry, no trades. ——————————————————————————– This little red 1986 Pontiac Fiero GT from Canada has a 1990 IROC V8 in her, 300+ HP, custom ground roller cam and easy access computer in the trunk. She also has a Corvette TPI all chromed out for shows. With a 4-speed stick… this little car moves down the quarter mile or street very rapidly. I took here to New England Dragway once and ran a 13.9 @ 110. I took off in second gear and with the racing clutch spun most around 60 feet. I never attempted it in first gear. I did not want to put slicks on her and I also did not want to dump the clutch at 4000 rpm either. It was just a little gas off the line, some 2000 rpm and that is all it took. You can even laugh at Vipers and Porsches…(just tap the gas)… it sounds like a NASCAR motor, yet not loud, but with authority. Imagine 28 MPG and be able to go 150+ MPH. She ran with a Hayabusa in Canada and had some fun doing it, of course, the Hayabusa took it, it is ridiculous to think otherwise. I ran with a Lamborghini, Maserati, Lotus, and Ferrari one day on the highway as they all headed North to Burlington VT to the car show……….I was smart and only cruised at 70 MPH. They all smiled and disappeared into the horizon, only to pass all four of them pulled over by a speed trap with state police. I love to cruise and hit up car shows. I know speed and highways in the East are not built for that…” sorry”! In Europe, I loved the Autobahn and with speed approaching 210 MPH I had fun. So ya see, ya don’t have to be the biggest dog on the block, ya just have to have the meanest bark of authority! ūüôā Do you like a lot of attention? You will get it! If you are married and savor that marriage… (DO NOT BUY THIS CAR) If on the other hand, you love that attention and I mean a lot of attention, more girls will want a ride than you will ever realize. Also, talk about crowds, pop the engine bay open and you will have more flashbulbs popping in your face to get a better look at the V8 that sleeps midship. Well if all this is what you crave, perhaps you are Car Crazy as well http://WWW.IamCarCrazy.com …. than this just might be for you. (FACT)…These GT cars are very rare and were also designed around a Ferrari 308 with one side by side for comparison at GM at least that is what I read in a magazine. “GOOGLE” GOOGLE the research…. don’t take my word for it if you are a snotty nose kid, but if you are a serious intelligent person that knows and loves cars, let me know what you find. http://pages.infinit.net/amphilot/anglais/fierogt88bis.htm Reason for sale….. I have a Manta McLaren as seen in the pics…. this is why I am selling the Fiero.


Name: Bradford
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Country: United States
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