Chiron Lmp3-09CN

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Price : 80,000 EUR

Country: United Kingdom
Production date: 2008
ECU: Pectel
Weight: 580 kg
Wheel side: Right
Transmission: Sadev
Shock absorbers: Quantum
Power: 250
Class: VdeV any FIA CN

Brand new Chiron LMP3-09 CN cars built to customer specifications. We have all parts in stock to build new cars for customers wanting to race in VdeV or similar series in 2009. Our cars have been updated to the new FIA CN roll hoop regulations for 2009. A few other updates have been made to the cars for the 2009 season. The Chiron Lmp3 now has a slightly revised cockpit layout to allow more room for bigger drivers yet still retain our driver head protection system. The new roll hoop regulations have allowed us to save some weight over our old roll hoop design which also lowers the center of gravity slightly. We have also managed to reduce drag and improve airflow to the rear wing again due to the revised rear roll hoop. The attached photos are of the 2008 CN car the new car will look very similar to the car pictured. Only changes are around the cockpit area. For more information and a price/options list our contact details are: Tel: +44 (0) 01905 641263 Mobile: +44 (0) 7967 550385 Email:


Name: Henry
Nickname: Nickless
Country: United Kingdom
Phone: 07967 550385

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