Nissan GTR



Country: Italy



GTR 2010 RACE CAR. Bought new in 2010 from official Italian dealer car is one of two GTR was bought by shareholders of an Italian Ferrari GT racing Team. One has become a race car while the second a drag car. Unfortunately even if many organizations assured us in Italy should started a championship dedicated to this kind of car, no efforts have been made and all is still stopped and not realized. Car is too much fast and not respect Italian championship rules to be accepted on most of interesting championships so for us in not still useful since it can use only for Trackdays activities. Our purpose was to use our structure in terms of know how in racing programs who allowed us to win lots of titles in racing world since many years. So, engineers , mechanics, and all network of suppliers have been most reliable in Ferrari and Nissan GTR world. At the end we finally reach our goal, a very high performance race car which maintain quite same handling of stock car (very easy to use) even if comparing with others race cars it is more, more fast considering same driver who, for our target, should be a gentlemen driver. Gentleman who have the chance to drive it told us same thing: more easy than other cars as 458, Lambo, Porsche and incredible faster……..easier = faster for most of gentlemen drivers…. Car is located in Italy, Forli. Vin when new: JN1GANR35U0102493 ENGINE SPEC. 1000HP AT 1.75 BAR 7000 RPM 3.8 IRON SLEEVES MHALE PISTON CARRILLO RODS CNC WORKED HEADS FERREA BIG VALVE KIT + 1,8MM JUN CAMSHAFTS SPEC ALPHA9 MODDED TURBOS HAND MADE TITANIUM EXHAUST 102 MM HKS BIG INTERCOOLER KIT BMC CARBON AIR FILTERS AMS MAF SENSORS AMS PRESSURE SENSOR AC ELIMINATOR SECONDARY AIR SYSTEM ELIMINATOR FORGE METAL WATER TANK BOOST LOGIG MAINSHAFT PULLEY INJECTOR DYNAMICS 1000 AEM FULE PUMPS GEARBOX OIL COOLER CHASSIS SPEC ROLL BAR 50MM FIA APPROVED FRONT BAR SPEED FOR SALE DUMPERS RACING WPS WORKSHOP CARBOCERAMIC BRAKES FRONT UP SUSPENSION ARMS REBUILT RIGID UNIBALL FOR ALL SUSPENSION ARMS 18’’ MICHELIN TIRES 300 FRONT AND REAR BRAKE FANS FRONT AND REAR RECARO FIA RACING SEAT AIM DASHBOARD LIFELINE AUTOMATIC FIRE ESTINGUER HAND MADE PEDALS STILLEN ADJUSTABLE ANTIROLLBAR TOP RACING BODYWORK KIT 100% CARBON SARD PRO REAR WING GEARBOX OIL PUMP UPGRADE DODSON CLUTCH 1ST GEAR UPGRADE MECCANICAL CLIP UPGRADE SSP 220MPH CROWN AND PINION WEIGHT 1450 KGS SPARE PARTS (NOT INCLUDED IN CAR PRICE) N1 OEM COMPLETE ENGINE WITHOUT TURBOS N4 18’’ WHEELS (8 TOTAL) N1 COMPLETE OEM GEABOX N4 OEM DRIVESHAFTS N1 COMPLETE TRASMISSION MAIN SHAFT N1 COMPLETE TRASMISSION SECONDARI SHAFT. N2 TRHOTTLE


Name: Gualtiero Branco
Nickname: gubranco
Country: Italy

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