WTCC Honda STW J.A.S Motorosports

Honda STW J.A.S Motorosports NR: 00 02 Car 2000Year-Production Last Evolution 328 Horse power Car + Spare Engine parts with 20 aditional gears and 12 wheals 60.000Euro Extra Brand new Engine with additional extra 40 gears and with meny spare parts like: Suspension bits, drive shafts, carbon clutch, hood, wings, doors, windshield, front rear spoilers And a lot of more arts+ 30.000Euro Total of 90.000Euro Last driven on FIA EuroSuperTouring Championship 2001 and most wins. Driven by Targuini and Wolfisch, and at 2002 year driven on Swedish championship by Christensen. These cars are made only 3 on 2000Year and 5 on 1999 and last evolution car is much different (suspension, aero package, engine setups etc) then the 1999 evolution and much quicker, we did have both evolutions and this is really really quick car actually much quicker than 1999car Engine has 200km and we have a used spare engine parts that wil go with a car. We also have a brand new engine bought from Niel Brown in England with more parts that is extra on price!


Name: Ernest
Nickname: drbmw
Country: Macedonia
Phone: +38649141142


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